Eamonn Boylan

Eamonn Boylan

Founder / Head Coach


CCFT CrossFit Level 3

MSc Coaching Science

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT)

About Coach

I first fell in love with CrossFit 15 years ago. I never saw the attraction of "the gym" and could only be engaged in activities like martial arts, parkour, and rollerblading! CrossFit brought with it a new lifestyle full of new friends and progress and I've never looked back.

Turning Point

When I started Rónin CrossFit in 2010 with my good friend, I was a full-time soldier/mechanic in the Irish Defence Forces. For 3 years, my work days were at least 12 hours long. I finally took the leap into full-time Rónin after I lost my older brother Eugene. I decided that life is too short to not chase my dreams and I fully leaned into the place where I was fulfilled and surrounded by wonderful people.

Motivation & Passion

I'm obsessed with human movement and performance. Having personally struggled with back pain on and off for years, I have a lot of knowledge in this area and I'm very confident in assisting everyone with performance regardless of their limitations. The mental game also fascinates me. What is it that keeps people engaged for 10 years or more?

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