Paulie Martin

Paulie Martin


Squat - 160kg

Deadlift - 195kg

Bench - 102.5kg

Ran a Half Marathon

Recently unlocked new Skills - T2B

C2B Pull Ups and Strict HSPUs


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Elite FPA Personal Trainer Qualification

Elite FPA Level 3 Kettlebells Instructor

About Coach

As a kid, there weren't many sports or hobbies I didn't give a go but the ones that stuck longest were basketball, and when everyone else kept growing and I stayed the same height I moved to rugby! After school, I went on to get a masters in Electronic engineering. After college like a lot of people I had not exactly lived the healthiest of lifestyles I got back into rugby and started going to the gym. Since then it has not always been linear progress but I have run 10ks and a half marathons, I got strong and lifting weights that at the start seemed impossible, got very lean (and got photos taken so I don't have to do that again haha!) and eventually ended up with CrossFit.

Turning Point

As a kid, I would have been someone to easily put on weight but being active and playing some sport never was a major issue until I went to college. In college, I stopped playing sports, drank alcohol more, and without knowing much about nutrition or training I put on a lot of weight. After finishing my master I went back to playing rugby and realized how much of a bad way I had let myself get in! This was the first time in my life that I really made the decision to try and get myself healthy. Since then I've probably spent the best part of 10 years trying to figure out what that actually means, trying meal plans, macros, group classes, 1:1 coaching, online coaching, running, and going back to sports. Over this time I have had other occasions that have made me take stock and get more serious or pivot in a new direction but mainly I realized the overall benefits and improvements I'd made since 25-year-old Paul started the journey. It was then I decided to get my own Personal Training qualification and eventually CF L1 Trainer qualification to use all of the knowledge I'd learned from the experience I had, to hopefully help the next Paul out and help them feel a little less lost and overwhelmed

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping people see that fitness and health don't have to be complicated or daunting and show that there is a massive amount of misinformation out there. I also love to see the spark light in some one's eye when they learn a new skill or make a realization about something that has been holding them back. Essentially sharing with people the benefits of an active and healthy life that I have personally seen myself over the years.

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